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Garbo&Friends Bottle The Beetle 150ml


Garbo&Friends baby bottle made of the material PES, that gives the bottle its natural honey golden colour. PES is a premium grade BPA-free material with outstanding durability, heat resistance and does not absorb odours or get cloudy like lower grade plastics.

Garbo&Friends baby bottles are equipped with beginner flow 0–3M, anti-colic nipples made from medical grade silicone, to reduce the risk for your baby to get colic and/or gas. Garbo&Friends feeding products are independently tested and found free from BPA, Phthalates, Lead & Organotin compounds. Produced in accordance with European Standard EN-1435

Age : 0 - 3 months
Fabrics : Silicole dummy, Polyethersulfone (PES)
Composition : No BPA, phtalates, lead or organic tin compounds
Details : Beetle
Volume : 150 ml
Conforms to European EN-14350 standards
Made in : Sweden
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