Mother Muse - Chapter Four

We sat down with Mélissa, a super stylish mum of two from the south of France. We wanted chat and get an insight to her daily life, how Bebe Organic fits into her world as well as some of her favourite places to relax in Toulouse.

Tell us about yourself, Mélissa.

My name is Mélissa, I'm 34. I live with my two daughters (Eléonore and Elisabeth) and my lover in the wild countryside of the south of France. I recently stopped my job to dedicate my time to my family and prepare for the birth of our baby in December. We are a "blended" family – I divorced from the girl’s dad several years ago. A few months ago I managed a hotel but I realized that I was losing precious moments with my family.

What do you love about the city you are living in?

We are in love with our small village because we love its serenity and incredible landscapes. We live very simply, in permanent contact with nature. In summer, we used to sleep in the garden, watching the starry sky 🌌. In autumn we hunt for mushrooms in the forest next to the house… People are also very nice and so open-minded!

What is your daily routine with your kids?

My daughters get up very early in the morning (I'm dreaming of a lie-in) between 6:30 and 7 a.m. So they play in their room for half an hour, waiting for me… We prepare and have breakfast together for an hour. I dress them – it's one of my favorite moments, I really love to have some sweet discussions with them. It’s our girl time. The school is just in front of our house so we don’t have to leave home very early, and our mornings are very calm.


What are your favourite activities with the kids at home and out and about?

When we want to go to a restaurant we have to go to a big city, Montpellier or Toulouse. It changes our habits and we can have a walkabout.

What are your favourite cafes and restaurants in your area you like to visit?

In Montpellier we always go to the Sens Six, a fabulous French and modern restaurant in the center of the town. It's a nice place for having a candlelit dinner. In Toulouse we always go to a French tea room, Bapz, the best! The pastries are delicious and served on old and very pretty dishes. Dreamy!

Share your insights on mealtimes/snacks for kids.

Food quality is very important at home. My husband and I spend a lot of time cooking produce we bought at the local market. So my girls eat everything, local food, and most of the time traditional French meals. 


How would you describe your fashion style?

My fashion style… I love that question! I would say timeless but with a touch of modern. I do not think I have a special style, but I love pretty things so I will always have a look at the materials and finishes of clothing. Quality is more important than the style. But that being said, collars, lace, smocks, liberty prints are what I prefer...

What is your dream getaway?

Our dream getaway is Japan. I studied Japanese at university, so now I want to see, feel and touch the country. The culture is incredible and I would be so happy to discover it with my daughters!

What is the greatest lesson your mother taught you?

I think the greatest lesson my mother taught me is to never forget where I come from and who I am. I have mixed origins, which is the reason…

What has been your proudest moment as a mother?

My proudest moment as a mother is my long breastfeeding. For Elisabeth, it was fabulous, 18 months of intense moments. And I can say I’m proud of me 🙊🙈

Your daily inspiration and what inspires you?

For me, Aveyron is an endless source of inspiration charged with history. We have gorgeous medieval architecture but also wild and preserved countryside. It’s an enriching environment and very stimulating – magic colors, forms, and sounds.

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