Mother Muse - Chapter Eight - Mimi Thorisson

Tell us a bit about you...

Mimi Thorisson, I am half French, half Chinese. I had the chance to grow up in Hong Kong until I was 18, I will never forget the incredible years spent there. I've lived in Singapore, London, Paris and in the Médoc. I studied business, worked as a model, and had a career in corporate entertainment. Since I was a child, I have always been a 'bon vivant', passionate about food and cooking. When my husband Oddur and I met in Paris, I fell madly in love and the rest was history. At that time, I had an awakening of who I really was, what I really wanted to do. I knew I wanted to be happy, have a family of my own, and cook for everyone I loved. Everything flowed naturally and very organically: the children, moving to the countryside, the cooking, the writing, the cookbooks. So far, I have written three cookbooks, 'A Kitchen in France', 'French Country Cooking' and 'Old World Italian'. My passion and dreams turned into reality. Sometimes I can't believe I managed to create such a harmonious life between love, family and work. But it was a long path, it was all about hard work, believing in yourself, courage, tenacity, strength, and patience. 

Where do you live and how long have you lived there?

I live in Torino and it's been about four years now. 

What do you love about the city you are living in? 

Torino is a magical city, it's all about discretion and charm, with an incredibly rich history and culture. It was Italy's first capital, with palaces contouring every horizon. I love the city's Baroque architecture. The streets are wide and luminous, with porticoes all over the city. The cherry on top? All the beautiful historical cafés. Even though we live in town, we are so close to the country. In just 10 minutes by car and we are surrounded by nature. Torino is an elegant, grand city with old-world grandeur. 

What is your daily routine?

My husband and I run our business together, I have 8 kids in total (5 at home), and I always try to do as much as I can in a day. I really love taking my kids to school, it's something I cherish. My day will unfold with cooking, writing, going to the farmers market, yoga, meetings, hosting workshops when in season... Yoga has become a very important daily part of my life, I started 2 years ago, just when Covid started. It has changed my life, the way I breathe, and the way I feel. Cooking is my second nature, something I do with love and passion. I love cooking old and new recipes. There's always something delicious on the table and we have dinner 'en famille' every night. It's a moment of unity, warmth and we talk about our day. I never take these moments for granted. I have been very lucky to be able to work so passionately and balance family life together. 

What’s the best thing about being a mother? 

It's about learning the greatest gift of all: the power of giving, loving, nurturing, and caring. Being a mother has brought me wisdom and strength. 

What are your favorite activities at home and out and about? 

I am incredibly active, so when I am at home I enjoy reading, watching movies, and gardening with my kids. I also love taking my kids out for strolls in Torino, going to a beautiful caffé, a gallery, or simply having a gelato in the piazza.

What are your favorite cafes and restaurants in your area you like to visit? 

We love the gelato at Niva and Alberto Marchetti in Torino. Caffé Torino and Caffé Mulassano are our favorites for bicerin. Da Michele has the most famous and delicious pan pizzas and it's a perfect place to sit outdoors with kids.  Al Gatto Nero is our favorite for a night out. And Magazzino 52 for a delicious meal and wine, anytime. 

What is your dream gateway?

Right now I would like to go to Mexico and Istanbul. I have never been and I can't wait to discover! 

What is the greatest lesson your mother taught you? 

That you are never overdressed. That you are unique. That there are no boundaries.

What has been your proudest moment? 

Watching my family grow. Every birth is a miracle.

Perfect Waffles , by Mimi Thorisson

Ingredients: (makes about 10)
400 grams plain flour
6 grams baking powder
125 grams melted butter
25 grams sugar
4 eggs
500 ml milk (enough to make the batter smooth but not too liquid)
A dash of range blossom essence/water

Mix the flour, baking powder and sugar in a large bowl. Slowly pour in the milk, adding the eggs one by one. Pour in the butter, stirring constantly, and finish off with a dash of orange blossom water. Mix well, the batter should be easy to stir but not too liquid.
Your dough is now ready for the waffle iron. One small ladle of batter is usually enough to cover the waffle iron, depending on the size. Cook 2 minutes or so (your machine usually has its own timer. Serve with jam, nutella, icing sugar and if you wish.

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