Mother Muse - Chapter Nine - Natalia Swarz

Tell us a bit about you...
My name is Natalia Swarz, I’m the author of Barefoot Living, founder of Hôtel Weekend and mom to Cecilia who will turn 1 in January. I was born in Colombia but currently live in Madrid with my husband Armando and my daughter. I have a dream of opening a small hotel, crossing fingers this happens very soon. My background is in the fashion industry but I’ve been slowly transitioning into hospitality and travel projects. I also used to work as an illustrator in a past life, and I still love to paint and draw; mostly flowers, palm trees and feminine portraits.
What is your spiritual animal sign?
What do you love about the city you are living in?
How sunny it is the whole year round and my friends who live there. 
What is your daily routine with your kids?
We wake up around 7:30/ 8, and have a slow morning while my husband makes breakfast for us. After breakfast, he takes Ceci out for a walk while I work at home from a couple hours. After they’re back, we have lunch together and then I stay with her on the afternoon, walking around the neighborhood, meeting friends or just playing. We have dinner together and after bedtime, around 8pm, my husband and I hang out watching movies or just talking about our days. To be honest, sometimes I also go to bed by 8, it feels sooo good. 
What are your top three activities with the kids (home and out and about)?
We love taking strolls and going to cafés. We can walk for hours! We also just started going to baby music classes and it’s so fun. As my daughter is not going to daycare, it’s a nice way for her to meet other babies and socialize. 
I can’t wait until we can paint and draw together, as a (former) illustrator, it will be so fun. 
What are your favourite cafes and restaurants in your area you like to visit?
Hermanas Arce is my go to for breakfast and lunch. I can go there every day and will never get bored. You will also find me often at Acid Bakehouse, they have such great bread and pastries. I also love proper sound, faraday, neutrale and Gota. There are so many cute cafés in the city. 
Share your insights on mealtimes/snacks for kids. 
My husband is the chef of the house, so he’s in charge of most meals for Ceci. We do try however that she eats the same of what we are having. I also love @boobtofood, her philosophy and ideas are very aligned with ours. 
How does a morning in your household look like? 
We wake up around 7:30-8am. As we bedshare, we usually spend a while in bed cuddling and breastfeeding. My husband wakes up a bit earlier to go for a run and then make breakfast. We have breakfast all together, play a little bit while we get ready (taking turns) and around 11 am my husband takes Ceci out for a walk while I sit down in the computer and work. They’re back around 1pm and the adventure continues. A few days a week we will switch things up and go for breakfast to Hermanas Arce or Acid Bakehouse. Since we are both freelance, we are pretty flexible with our days. 
How would you describe your fashion style?
Effortless, somewhere between minimal and boheme.
What is your dream getaway?
I would love to go to Jamaica! With our friends Hannah and Karl and their baby (our goddaughter) who is Ceci’s age - we’ve been traveling together since they were both born and we are making the best memories. 
What is the greatest lesson your mother taught you? 
Not to be afraid to fly high. She also taught me to be strong, independent, creative, and fearless. She was unstoppable. I see a lot of her in me. 
What has been your proudest moment as a mother? 
Every day I’m proud of myself. For the big things but also for all the small things. I think all of us mothers should be reminded every day that we are doing a great job. 
I’m also very proud of myself as I had a difficult pregnancy and somehow I managed to stay calm through it, I spent 8 whole months on strict bed rest and didn’t go completely crazy. I think it was Ceci that kept me at peace through it. I mean, the first few months were stressful as we didn’t know we were going to make it. But her energy and our connection kept me calm and hopeful. 
Your daily inspiration / what inspires you? 
My daughter, traveling, lots of interior design at the moment, art and architecture. I love flowers too, my grandma is a florist and she’s always been such an inspiration for me, as an entrepreneur and as a creative soul. 
Best purchase you have made lately?
I just got Ceci a Bobles elephant for her birthday. I think she will love it! 

Natalia Swarz | Founder
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