Mother Muse - Chapter Six

Tell us a bit about you?
I am a mother, writer, brand consultant. I have just written my first book, which will be published in the summer of 2022. My book is called Beyond Grief, Navigating the Journey of Pregnancy and Baby Loss. Having lost my son at five months into my pregnancy, it's the book I wish had been available when he died. There are shared stories, medical information and every aspect of guidance following loss. Before becoming a writer, I was a fashion stylist, working with American Vogue, i-D, W magazine and Harper's Bazaar UK. I am also a trained spinning instructor. I taught for 4 years in London and would love to find a new studio to teach at part-time in the new year.

What do you love about the city you are living in?
The beautiful parks and that there are now so many cycle lanes. I cycle everywhere and this has made a huge difference with no longer having to weave in and out of traffic! I live by the River Thames, so cycle along there each day, it feels like I'm in the countryside, at least for the time I am on that route. I love the vast array of coffee shops and florists, particularly in my old (and favourite) neighbourhood of Notting Hill.

What is your daily routine?
I wake, have a strong iced latte and get my two children ready for nursery and school respectively. After dropping my daughter, Audrey, to nursery, I cycle 2 miles with my son to his school. As I am now editing my book with my publisher, I sit at my desk on the top floor of our house overlooking my neighbourhood. Writing a book is an intense process, so I will have this same routine for some time I imagine! In the afternoon, I will collect Audrey, then collect my son and spend most afternoon's with them. Work in the morning, mummy in the afternoon.

What are your favourite activities at home and out and about?
I love the theatre and am looking forward to my children being old enough to sit through performances with me. The earlier the better. I love jazz, so reading the weekend newspaper supplements while listening to jazz on the radio is my idea of pure bliss. Cycling to outdoor food markets with the children is always lovely, followed by hours in a park.

What are your favourite cafes and restaurants in your area you like to visit?
I love the River Cafe, particularly on warm summer evenings, or for lunch at the weekend. We walk along the Thames to get there from our home, which is always so lovely. There are many traditional pubs along the river, the Blue Anchor being one we go to often. As you can tell, I love being by the water!

Share your insights on mealtimes/snacks for kids.
I am a terrible cook, so my husband usually takes care of dinner for us all when he finishes work. He's Swedish, so often we will split the week with English/Swedish variations. For snacks, thankfully my children love most fruit, so it's fruit and yoghurt mostly, although the weekends they have sweets and my son insists on Crispy Cream donuts!

How would you describe your fashion style?
Very classic. I love The Row, Celine, Gabriela Hearst for day, and Saint Laurent or Alessandra Rich for evening. I would love to wear conceptual Junya Watanabe, but often the pieces just don't suit me.

What is your dream getaway?
Somewhere hot, with a beach, a pool and great cultural experiences outside of the hotel. There are so many destinations I love, and so many I would love to visit. My favourite countries are Italy and Australia, I desperately want to return to Australia, it was such an incredible experience to be there.

What is the greatest lesson your mother taught you?
To never give up and always believe in yourself. When I was 2 and after her divorce from my father, my mother took over a pub in Chelsea, London, on her own and ran it with just female staff. She was a feminist visionary!

What has been your proudest moment?
I have two. Giving birth to my three children, and writing a book.

Your daily inspiration and what inspires you?
Working hard and not being given help (financially or by connections) on the way up always inspires me, it's what my mother did and it's what I do.


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