A nostalgic longing

Places or things to which you have been affectionately and duly
connected and that you would want to remember again.
The intense desire to relive certain moments.
Remember who you love.
The love that remains.


Collection holds the memory of childhood happiness, ancestor’s connection and reflection of village life. A whimsy and optimistic energy meets the comforting essence of home and familiar and a sense of ease. Our inspiration comes from the warm and relaxed feeling of intimate time spent with family – the warmth, enjoyment of the calm, serenity, stillness and peace that comes from connecting with your roots. A nostalgic and happy longing to people and places that we connected and would like to remember again. 

 The SS23 collection reframes our signatures- vintage flower prints, softest natural linen, embroidery and lace detailing, nostalgic gingham, hand crochet, sophisticated plaid, fun yet elegant tie-dye on eyelet, playful terry and vintage knitwear. We are celebrating colour, prints, delicate details and newest silhouettes. Joyful and elegant pieces of natural softness with nostalgic yet delicate and comforting organic materials.

Bebe Organic designs are meticulously executed into patterns, and fittings are made on children and babies in every size to ensure movement and the perfect cut. We have focused on each aspect of design, from the softest trims to the safest buttons to our carefully chosen natural materials and construction. Every piece is special – with great attention to details and comfort.

The collection embodies the brand’s main concerns on sustainability and wellbeing and the founder’s very personal signature. Bebe Organic manufactures limited quantity in high quality and timeless design, in an environmentally friendly manner using organic materials that are all locally sourced and using traditional production methods. Thereafter, we consider that our products should be used long and well through good care, repair and perhaps redesign. When the product is no longer desired, it should be handed in to a secondhand shop, donated to charity or handed over to friends to prolong its active life.

Photography: Emma Donnelly
Creative Director: Duygu Massol
Stylist: Duygu Massol
Make up & Hair: Ana Sánchez-Peña
Models: Maria, Shayni, Elysée, Amelia, Noah, Carla Campaign location: Alentejo, Portugal