Mother Muse - Chapter Ten - Amalie Reedtz-Thott

Tell us a bit about you..

My name is Amalie. Mother of two girls. I am a nature girl at heart. I love tea, cold white wine and everything that smells heavenly, I am a Taurus after all. 

What is your spiritual animal sign?

I am a beaver, I can really  identify myself in this primal zodiac sign - persistent, eccentric, and romantic.

What do you love about the city you are living in?

I love Copenhagen for the possibility to bike all around the city, it gives me so much freedom. I love that we live in the middle of the city and just 5 min away from a bird preserve.

What is your daily routine?

I wake up, take a bath, doing my body brush and 30 squats, and 5 min breath work or meditation. Then having a big glass of luke warm water (hot and cold mixed) and them my hot cup of tea. All this while getting to girls dressed and feed. What are your favorite activities at home and out and about?

I love to work in our small garden, get outside and get my hands in the soil with my girl. That grounds us.What are your favorite cafes and restaurants in your area you like to visit?

I love to drink my Chai and eat Lunch at our neighbour cafe Les Amis.

Share your insights on mealtimes/snacks for kids.

Go with the flow, eating should be a delicious and relaxed experience with a lot of flavours and good fats, I love butter and oils. How does a morning in your household look like?

We all are eating breakfast together every morning with a lit candle on the table no matter if its summer or winter. 

How would you describe your fashion style?

Relaxed, comfy, simple. What is your dream getaway? 


What is the greatest lesson your mother taught you? 

That you are always allowed to dream, dream big. 

What has been your proudest moment as a mother?

When I see my big girl stand up for herself, and when I gave birth to them. 

Your daily inspiration and what inspires you?

My husband - we keep inspire each other.

Best purchase you have made lately?

A water filter. 

 Amalie favorites from SS23