In 2013 we left our London life behind and with our young son moved back to Estonia, to Tallinn. As our son had been diagnosed with atopic eczema, a sensitive skin condition, I wanted to offer him the best clothing for his skin. After much exploring of baby fashion I found very few brands that satisfied my needs and wishes.

During that time Greenpeace released a study stating that hazardous chemicals had been found in children’s and infants clothing across a number of major clothing brands, including fast fashion, sportswear and luxury brands. Investigation confirms that there was no significant difference between the range and levels of hazardous chemicals. These chemicals are said to have the potential to accumulate in the body and disrupt hormones. In many products the test showed phthalates, which are used to soften plastics. These have been at the centre of controversy over suggestions they can disrupt the hormones of developing children. Also found were per and poly-fluorinated(PFOAs) chemicals, which are said to have an impact on the reproductive and immune systems. Animal tests have identified them as a potential cancer risk. Antimony, which has many similarities to arsenic, was found in some garments. It is known to trigger dermatitis and breathing problems. Fungicide chemicals, known as organotoxins, were found in socks, shoes and sports clothes. Exposure at high levels can harm the immune and nervous systems.
As a young, concerned mother and MA graduate from London College of Fashion I found it natural for me to design baby clothing with natural materials that would not harm children and infants and are pieces of elegant and timeless fashion.
Bebe Organic’s collections subtly blend old and new, reviving classic lines with a modern twist. Every piece is handmade and has great attention to detail that makes it special. Precious organic fabrics and timeless designs are handled by expert hands in Estonia to ensure every single item of clothing is made to the highest possible professional standard. My philosophy and aim behind Bebe Organic is to produce natural, chic, luxurious and timeless baby clothing of the highest standard. It is very important to us that our final product is honest, ethical and sustainable. Our material suppliers are controlled by independent institutes and certified.
Mother Nature treats us with extraordinary resources, which we employ together with a lot of love for our clothes to be of a high, timeless quality. I truly hope the wonder and excitement I gain from my work and the organic lifestyle rubs off on our clothing. Or at least that they do the job they are designed for: keeping little ones safe, warm and beautiful. Bebe Organic’s clothing can be worn by many little girls and boys for generations to come.
Timeless baby clothing – loved for generations