Capturing the eye with a fresh and liberating point of view. The romanticism and resurgence of nostalgia with a modern attitude. AW22 is an artful exploration into modern architecture yet not forgetting Bebe Organic core - glorification of all the past and nature.

The AW22 campaign was captured in the centre of a pine forest along the Mediterranean coast in “Casa La Ricarda” designed by Antonio Bonet Castellana 1953 that is an archetype of mid-century modern design. The architect intervened not only in the design of the building but also in the choice of materials in every detail of interior and furniture design, and also in the design of the surrounding garden that have been perfectly preserved - the original surfaces, textiles and furniture remain intact and unchanged. Colour palette of muted ochre, sage green and tan compliment the collection.

A whimsy and optimistic energy meets the comforting essence of home and a sense of ease. Our inspiration comes from the warm and relaxed feeling of intimate time spent with family. We revisit brand classic silhouettes in new signature prints and materials. A casual sensibility is portrayed in unstructured shapes, ruffles, smocking in natural fabrics and voluminous sleeves. The palette is set in mellow tones and prints. Signature oversized collars, zigzag ribbons and crochet detailing are a few special nuances. Elegant print dresses, quilted jackets and bottoms and gingham all capture the liveable,
reposeful heart of the collection.

Bebe Organic designs are meticulously executed into patterns, and fittings are made on children and babies in every size to ensure movement and the perfect cut. We have focused on each aspect of design, from the softest trims to the safest buttons to our carefully chosen natural materials and construction. Every piece is special - with great attention to details and comfort.

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Campaign photography: Raquel Chicheri (digital and film photography - 35mm)
Lookbook photography: Albert Bonsfills
Creative Director: Duygu Massol
Stylist: Duygu Massol
Make up & Hair: Ana Sánchez-Peña
Models: Valeria, Rioma, Cahaya, Zoe, Ana, Tanit, Eric
Campaign location: Casa La Ricarda, Barcelona