Feeling Nature

The aesthetics of rustic untouched nature and the beauty of countryside living inspired this spring/summer season. The collection is recreating the heady days of childhood summers with lightest structured organic cottons, softest natural linens, romantic and slightly nostalgic prints and delicate crochet knitwear. The carefree attitude and earthy tones maintains childish freedom and gracefulness. Poetic collection with signature elegant styles.


The collections embody the brand’s main concerns on sustainability and wellbeing and the founder’s very personal signature. We are constantly looking for creativity in processes and technologies that reduce environmental impact and provide a sustainable and safer choice for children skin and the earth. Bebe Organic manufactures limited quantity in high quality and timeless design, in an environmentally friendly manner using organic and natural materials that are all locally sourced and using traditional production methods. Thereafter, we consider that our products should be used long and well through good care, repair and perhaps redesign. When the product is no longer desired, it should be handed in to a secondhand shop, donated to charity or handed over to friends to prolong its active life.