Bebe Organic featured in Japanese Luntan magazine

Bebe Organic SS18 collection was featured by Japanese Luntan magazine. Interview was conducted during Playtime Tokyo trade show August 2017.

Luntan magazine article can be found below:

Among a number of exhibitions for clothing, “Bebe Organic”, a brand from Estonia, caught our attention.  There’s the right amount of romanticness in their clothing, and the design is classical yet not too plain.  The finest organic materials are also used for their clothing.  We’ve interviewed the designer, Ms. Birgit Kadak!

“I have two children, a boy and a girl.  I wanted my son to wear clothes using organic cotton because he has sensitive skin, but I had a hard time finding cute clothes with organic cotton in Estonia or even in Europe.  So, I’ve started making clothes for my son.”

As a brand, they have more collections for girls because designs for girls are more decorative as opposed to the ones for boys.  However, she wants to stress that “we have good collections for boys, too”, and they offer shirts, linen pants, one-piece jumpsuits, etc. for boys every season.

“I want to create stylish and casual clothing that are comfortable and can be worn daily, not only for a party.  Our materials are selected from Europe.  We use linen which is a traditional material of Estonia, cotton from Germany, and silk from Italy.  Everything from designing to producing is done at our studio in Estonia.  It’s a small studio, but we work closely and make every piece by hand with great attention to detail.”

Ms. Kadak keeps the traditional design of Estonia in her mind when making tiny collars, laces, aprons, etc.  Her design gives somewhat nostalgic and warm feelings.  That must be from her inspiration and the influence from her colleagues who work closely together every day.

Bebe Organic’s clothing were not available in Japan, but after the Playtime Tokyo, they have found some shops that will sell their items.  They’ve been receiving orders online from Japan before, and now, we may be able to purchase their fine clothing much easier!