The Great Escape – AW21 Collection


Top of the mountain, wind gently kisses my cheeks, as the sun warmly invites me to stay a while, tall evergreens sprinkle with natural beauty, I whisper into the breeze my secrets and watch as it carries them through rustling leaves… Nostalgic and timeless collection with modern twist adapted to little ones’ comfort and freedom. Elegant tones of natural softness with poetic yet delicate and comforting organic materials. Vintage flower prints, hand knit details, softest silk velours, heritage Liberty print, sophisticated plaid, playful tie dye and signature laced pointelle knitwear are brought together by characteristic yet modern silhouettes.

Special focus in this AW21 collection is on innovation. We are constantly looking for creativity in processes and technologies that reduce environmental impact and provide a sustainable and safer choice for children skin and the earth. From this season we have created an essentials line GAIA (The earth viewed as a vast self-regulating organism) that is made of 100% organic cotton, using natural dyes and packaging to bring the most sustainable garment on the market. We have partnered with Eyand company that uses a natural dyeing process that has completely redesigned and revolutionised the harmful, conventional dyeing methods and offers a 100% chemical-free approach, guaranteeing quality and duration. In the collection we are also using tie dye technique on garments with natural dyes. Bebe Organic is first childrenswear brand to be using this innovative technology and we are incredibly excited to bring you a natural alternative. For knitwear we have sourced sustainable yarns from Italy. From fine kid mohair to undyed alpaca-fine that have not passed any chemical processes. Delicate and elegant yarns with innovative approach in our timeless designs.

Bebe Organic designs are meticulously executed into patterns, and fittings are made on children and babies in every size to ensure movement and the perfect cut. We have focused on each aspect of design, from the softest trims to the safest buttons to our carefully chosen natural materials and construction. Every piece is special - with great attention to details and comfort.

The collection embodies the brand’s main concerns on sustainability and wellbeing and the founder’s very personal signature. Bebe Organic manufactures limited quantity in high quality and timeless design, in an environmentally friendly manner using organic materials that are all locally sourced and using traditional production methods. Thereafter, we consider that our products should be used long and well through good care, repair and perhaps redesign. When the product is no longer desired, it should be handed in to a secondhand shop, donated to charity or handed over to friends to prolong its active life.


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